Frederick – 2

Here I am at my fourth roll of Kodak T-Max 400 through my Mamiya 7 rangefinder camera fitted with the 65mm ƒ4 lens. At this point in my journey, I had begun to settle upon a gloomy look as I believed it was fitting for an old ghost town like Frederick. So despite it being summer, I was choosing to go out to shoot on overcast days. For the film, I was still using Ilfotec DD-X with semi-stand development, which seemed to emphasize gloominess.

Frederick 2018 – Mamiya 7 – Kodak Tmax 400

At this time, I wasn’t very familiar with the town, and I still wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to document it. It was with this old historical Frederick house that I began to pull an early thread. Many of the homes in Frederick have this stark contrast paint style (in color, it’s a dark red and white) that appeals to my photographic sensibilities. I would later learn how to utilize this contrast along with seeking better lighting.

Frederick 2018 – Mamiya 7 – Kodak Tmax 400

The backside of the house is arguably more interesting than the front. It appears to be an add-on, but it is similarly weathered so it must have been built quite some time ago. This begins another thread of interest for my project, I’m utterly fascinated with the bizarre design choices for the housing in this town. It’s pure eye candy for a photographer like myself. From this point on, I began looking for more unique shapes in the houses of Frederick.

Frederick 2018 – Mamiya 7 – Kodak Tmax 400

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